Instituto Update is an institute of intelligence and technology that works to strengthen the ecosystem of political innovation in Latin America.

In the 21st Century, we have experienced transformative tension throughout the world: while institutional politics succumbs to different crises, we see a series of emerging political practices flourishing on the edges of society, aimed at bringing the citizen closer to public power, designing new institutions and connecting people and transformative actions. 

In Latin America, we observe democracies that are still young, fragile, outdated and unequal, as a result of their formations and historical legacies. Thus, the crises of institutionality, representativeness, and references that are evident throughout the world have particularities in the region. It is with this background that we observe the development of an ecosystem of new emerging political players and practices. 

The ecosystem of political innovation, which brings together initiatives in the region that work with citizen participation, transparency, open government, and political culture, is not yet visible for much of society and is characterized by its complexity and volatility: there are different strategies and tactics of action, use of different languages to refer to the same concept and difficulty being sustained over time.

Our projects seek to strengthen the ecosystem of political innovation because we believe that it will leave the experiences, learning, and leadership that will be able to update and strengthen democracy in Latin America.

We believe that no experiment of political innovation should fail because of lack of resources, difficulty gaining public visibility or lack of access to formal policy. We want to serve as one of the support structures to prevent this from happening.

We do this by giving visibility to the experiments that emerge, stimulating the circulation of resources in the ecosystem, connecting individuals who lead them, producing intelligence that optimizes these practices and testing the institutional formats capable of sustaining them.

We believe that by doing so, we are contributing to a democracy that meets the longings and complexities of a hyper-connected, participatory, and growing autonomous society. It is necessary to move towards a Latin American democracy that is effectively participatory, free from physiology and patronage, that is patrimonial, with organizations and individuals that are active and empowered to build societies that are less unequal, more just and more inclusive.

Finally, we propose to be an organization with a soul. We believe that this other world that we can imagine – this future that has already arrived – depends on our collective effort. From our ability to act without being exhausted, to articulate without cannibalizing ourselves, to organize ourselves without losing the ability to transform. The ability to inspire and be inspired.

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