We generate visibility and to strengthen the viability of the ecosystem of political innovation in Latin America: new political practices that bring citizens closer to politics, combat inequality and strengthen democracy.



Women in Politics

“Elected – Women in Politics” is a report and audiovisual serie about the political innovation carried out by women and how they are reshaping power in the 21th century. The goal is to shed light on their stories and political practices that reveals a new political imagination made by women elected across Latin America.



Platform to boost women

An open and free platform that offers political training with practical content – guides, tools, video lessons and case studies. Created to inspire, connect and train the next generation of women leaders in Latin America. By Update Institute and Elas no Poder in Brazil. Soon in Chile too.



Toolkit to boost political innovation

Digital tool that facilitates the community building work and mobilization in activists campaigns, elected parliamentarians and electoral campaigns. Developed by Update Institute open source. It has already been used in campaigns in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.



Training program for activists political campaign mentoring

Based on training events with political campaign specialists, it shares methodology and tools to boost activist, peripheral and women running for office. It also offers support for campaigns to use Im.pulsa and Liane in all their potential. Held in partnership with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES Brazil).


Innovation Office

Innovation in Legislative Activity

This project brings together chiefs of staff and institutional coordinators of those holding office of legislative houses throughout Brazil to share and build paths for innovation in the Brazilian legislature, held in partnership with the Pact for Democracy.


Emerging Politics — Latin America

A Look at Political Innovation in the Region

A study about a new Latin American political imaginary for the 21st century. The research was carried out in 11 countries and includes interviews with 250 individuals from civil society to institutional politics. It revealed the vision and practices of political innovation in Latin America.


Emerging Politics — Periphery

Political Innovation in peripheries of Brazilian cities

A study about the political innovation emerging in the urban peripheries of Brazilian cities, with the aim of bringing different perspectives to light. The leaders of these types of innovation are Brazilian citizens who are deepening democracy from within their contexts and based on specific needs. The research mapped out 400 initiatives in 5 cities and included interviewing 100 individuals.


Politics: a Manual

GloboNews Series – Season 1

In four episodes based on the Emerging Politics — Latin America research, the series tells stories of young people from Latin, urban towns who are innovating the political practices of their countries. Held in partnership with Maria Farinha Filmes and GloboNews, it was directed by João Wainer and aired in November 2017.


Politics: A How-To Guide

GloboNews Series – Season 2

From the Emerging Politics — Impoverished Areas research, the second season portrays transformative initiatives that reduce inequalities with political innovation in the impoverished areas of five Brazilian cities. It aired in September 2018 and was directed by filmmaker, Yasmin Thayná and GloboNews program supervisor, Cristina Aragão.


Emerging Politics — Trends

Map of Political Innovation in Latin America

A systematic mapping which revealed an ecosystem of emerging political practices made up of 700 initiatives in 20 countries. It is the largest mapping ever conducted on emerging political innovation.


Breaking the Taboo Podcast (2019)

To Talk About Politics

The first season was produced in partnership with Breaking the Taboo – a digital platform with more than 14 million users – and featured ten interviews with experts and politicians about new political practices, innovation and democracy.


Democratic Training (2018/2019)

Innovative, Low-Budget Campaign Training

Training for diverse, and low-budget political campaigns and innovative elected parliamentarians and their staff in Latin America. It offers content using online tools or face-to-face meetings, exchanging knowledge, experience, technology and solutions for Latin American challenges.


#NãoValeTudo (Not Everything Goes) (2018)

New Technology and Elections

Civil society coalition for the continuous construction of an ethical framework in the use of technology in politics.


Data Laboratory on Armed Violence in Brazil

A collaborative digital platform for recording shootings and the prevalence of armed violence in the country.

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