Emergência Política: Periferias

Research on political innovation in the impoverished areas of Brazil.

After having toured 11 Latin American countries and interviewed more than 250 people who act with political innovation from governments to informal activism, we understand that political innovation is not exclusively owned by a social group, but has multiple dimensions.

In what way do the residents of the different impoverished areas of the country develop new political practices? What motivates them? How do they sustain their practices? What are the challenges? AND THE OPPORTUNITIES? We want to understand this other layer of political innovation and give visibility to a performance often invisible to the majority of society.

Political Emergence: Periferias is a qualitative research that portrays how the new political practices take place in the chasms of five large Brazilian capitals: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Belo Horizonte, and Brasília.


2017 - em andamento


Beatriz Pedreira, Hercules Laino, Jéssica Cerqueira, Jonaya Castro, Larissa Dionisio, Lucas Pinheiro, Luciana Minami, Marcelo Magano, Monique Evelle, Rebecca França, Tony Marlon, Vanessa Beco, Wellington Amorim


Periferia em Movimento e Maria Farinha Filmes


Fundação Tide Setúbal e Fundação Ford

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