Data Laboratory on Armed Violence in Brazil

Digital collaborative platform that aims to record the incidence of shootings and the prevalence of armed violence.





Fogo Cruzado (Cross-fire) is a laboratory of data on armed violence that aggregates and makes data and information available through an application for mobile technology combined with a database. It is a collaborative digital platform that aims to record the incidence of shootings and the prevalence of armed violence in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro and Recife.

Alerts are real-time data for users who are within a 4 km radius of the incidence of a shot, based on their GPS. Also, we aggregate all the information – in addition to news published in the press and by police agencies – in a database with geo-location, times of incidents, deaths, and injuries on each occasion, as well as the recording of the presence of public security agents, since 07/05/2016.

With the consolidation in Rio de Janeiro, which already has more than 200 thousand downloads, Fogo Cruzado will be expanded and tested in other Brazilian markets. Fogo Cruzado has already begun its operation in the Metropolitan Region of Recife, in April 2018. The capital of Pernambuco and surrounding areas have suffered from high rates of homicide and armed violence, registering 658 violent deaths in 2016, according to the Anuário do Fórum Brasileiro de Segurança Pública (Yearbook of the Brazilian Public Security Forum). As in Rio de Janeiro, the proposal is to work together with networks and local researchers who monitor violence to ensure legitimacy and consistency of data.


Launched in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and Recife in 2018.


Rio de Janeiro: 2 managers and 4 systems and network analysts

Recife: 4 systems and network analysts


Oak Foundation, ShuttleWorth Foundation


Research Institutes: DAPP/FGV-Rio, EMAP/FGV, Cesec/UCAM, LAMCA-IMPA linked to University of Salamanca (Espanha); Stanford University (EUA), UERJ, PPGS/UFF and Instituto Sou da Paz

Civil Society Organizations: FC is part of the Intervention Observatory, an initiative lead by CeSec to monitor and give visibility to the human rights impacts and violations resulting from federal intervention in Rio de Janeiro.

Innovative partnership with Parceria inovadora com o Department of Sociology and Methodology in Social Sciences of the Fluminense Federal University (UFF): within the scope of a study on the incidence of shootings related to cargo theft and its economic impact in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Public Prosecutor: The data produced by the FC compose the “MP in Maps”, website where different data are available about Rio de Janeiro.

Public Defender: Fogo Cruzado data is used by the Ombudsman’s Office of the Public Defender of Rio de Janeiro to define priority areas for the visitation of ombudspersons and defenders

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