A toolkit for low-cost, high-intensity election campaigns.


This is the formula that defines how elections are held in Latin America. However, in recent years, amidst the growing demand for political renewal by citizens, we have seen a number of movements emerge that have been able to break this formula, helping to elect new people, making campaigns of low cost and high intensity. 

The Liane project is a box of technologies and methodologies that are open to boost political renewal campaigns in Latin America, which organizes the intelligence that has been produced in the field and provides digital technologies with the objective of increasing the competitiveness of low-cost and high-intensity electoral campaigns. With her, we also created the Escola de Formação Democrática (Democratic Training School), in partnership with the Network of CHAMA Agencies, to provide content training and strategies to improve performance and effectiveness of political renewal campaigns.

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Liane’s goal was clear: To bridge the gap between election campaigns that have money and those that do not have, which is enormous. Moreover, with the emergence of new techniques and technologies for electoral purposes, which today costs dearly, this gap will only increase. That’s why we need to open this code – we need to develop those technologies and make them free.

The project was approved in the ALTEC 2017 edict, receiving resources from Avina and Omidyar, and was also selected in the convocation “Inteligência Coletiva para a Democracia” (Collective Intelligence for Democracy) of Medialab-Prado.

Also, Liane is named in honor of Liane Lira, a friend, and activist who died in 2015, who dedicated her life to the processes of mobilization, strengthening of democracy, and the opening of politics.


2017-em andamento


Ana Gamborena, Caio Tendolini, Gabriela Juns, Mariana Belmont, Miguel Peixe, Pedro Markun


Labhacker e Rede de Agências CHAMA


Instituto Clima & Sociedade, CLIP e Fundação Avina e Omidyar Network, por meio do edital Altec 2017

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