Mapa da
Inovação Política

The largest and most extensive mapping of emerging political practices in Latin America.



Instituto Update is born as a research project to map, reveal and understand a new way of looking at and doing politics.

The mapping of emerging political practices was a relevant step to support the affirmation of the existence of an ecosystem of political innovation and, from this evidence, to potentiate a vision of collectivism and belonging to the actors involved in the political processes of deepening and updating democracy in the region.

To achieve this goal, the Institute provides this permanent mapping of the initiatives that make up this field, identifying the hubs that integrate it, and creating a dynamic picture that allows the visibility of its actions (signals). To facilitate the visualization of the mapped initiatives we have created this interactive platform that helps to navigate the terminology and filters more easily.

The mapping began in June 2015, and we reached 637 initiatives registered in November of the same year. The mapping visualization platform was launched in April 2016.




Beatriz Pedreira, Caio Tendolini, Carlota Mingolla, Carolina Ayres, Isabela Lazdans, Rafael Poço, Tulio Malaspina


Thomaz Rezende, Vitor George, Instituto Cidade Democrática, Democracia en Red, Sonho Brasileiro da Política


Associação Bem-te-vi, Drica Guzzi, Fundação AVINA, Fundação Porticus, Instituto Arapyau, Instituto PDR, Neca Setúbal, Open Society Foundations.

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