#NãoValeTudo – Not Everything Goes

New Technology and Elections

Civil society campaign to discuss ethical limits in the use of new technologies for electoral purposes.

In recent years, we have seen significant growth in digital technologies and their following applications. Such development can enhance democracy, participation, and citizen engagement in political processes. However, its misuse can also distort democratic processes, as we saw in the Trump elections, and in the plebiscites of Brexit, and the peace agreement in Colombia.

The line that divides these two possible scenarios is unclear. Therefore, Instituto Update, along with IT & E, AppCívico, InternetLab, and other organizations has built #NoValeTudo, a campaign signed by more than 30 civil society organizations, a political renewal movement, and independent media aimed at making it more precise, to what extent we understand, that it is worth using technology for electoral purposes, and where the dangers of its use are.


IT&E, AppCívico, Internetlab


The project was built voluntarily by partnering organizations.

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