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Elected – Women in Politics

“Elected – Women in Politics” is a report and audiovisual serie about the political imagination carried out by women elected and how they are reshaping power in the 21st century. It is the result of almost two years of mapping 600 women elected and interviewing 96 of them in 6 countries across Latin America. In addition, it includes 11 specialists interviews (philosophers, artists and activists). This project was put together in partnership with 7 local organizations. Read the full report.

Emerging Politics Periphery — Circulation

With articles by researchers and representatives of the mapped initiatives, the publication presents the circulation project of Emerging Politics Periphery, which in 2019 presented the content to students from public schools in São Paulo (Brazil). Articles by Dú Pente, Jéssica Cerqueira dos Santos, Jéssica Vanessa, Tony Marlon and Wellington Amorim. A partnership between Instituto Update and the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation.

Whose Democracy?

A study on inequalities and elections in Brazil. This paper explores what are the most relevant inequality-related factors that make it difficult or impossible for women, black people and low-income people to run for legislature and get elected in the Brazil – and discuss ways to overcome them. The author is Pedro Telles, with support from the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic EquityLondon School of Economics and Political Science (LSE

Democratic Training

Check out the teaching materials used by the Update Institute during training courses designed to innovative, low-budget campaign training. Content produced in partnership with Chama Agência-Rede.

Download the 2018 training booklets – produced in partnership with Chama Agência-Rede:

Download the booklet adapted by Colômbia’s partners Extituto de Política Aberta and Fundación Trenza.

Emerging Politics — Periphery

A study about the political innovation emerging in the urban peripheries of Brazilian cities, with the aim of bringing different perspectives to light. The leaders of these types of innovation are Brazilian citizens who are deepening democracy from within their contexts and based on specific needs. The research mapped out 400 initiatives in 5 cities and included interviewing 100 individuals.

Emerging Politics — Latin America

A study about a new Latin American political imaginary for the 21st century. The research was carried out in 11 countries and includes interviews with 250 individuals from civil society to institutional politics. It revealed the vision and practices of political innovation in Latin America.

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